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Saleum 8 2022

Saleum History

SALEUM is an event organized by OSIM MAN Model Banda Aceh, more precisely in 2015. This event has various kinds of competitions held especially for junior and senior high schools. This competition has several categories consisting of arts and several fields of science. This competition also aims to screen and develop the talents of students throughout Indonesia, then produce outstanding students who are smart and useful for society. In previous years, the 1st to 7th SALEUM have been completed and successfully implemented. Therefore, we will respectfully present the 8th SALEUM again in the hope of receiving everyone’s full support.

After two years, the dark world with the virus continues to hit and take its toll. Society is losing a lot, in terms of culture, customs, customs and civilizations, the world is fading. One year later the virus pandemic was declared reduced and people could live normal lives again under the term “new normal”. Of course, this situation has not been able to reverse all the things lost during the pandemic.Therefore, SALEUM MAN MODEL Banda Aceh comes with the theme “Awakening the Harmony of the Light of Civilization in the Corner of the Twilight Country” To revive these cultures so that they do not disappear from this twilight earth, give light back to civilizations that have been lost, arouse great enthusiasm and passion to return to life as it was before this pandemic. SALEUM will spread the beauty of the light of civilization in all corners of this twilight country, namely the Aceh area, a country with the sun that continues to shine and gives the beauty of twilight colors every day as the color of awakening.


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